Manage your campsite in the cloud is a modern, cloud-based PMS (Property Management System) for managing pitches and mobile homes capacity at a campsite. The software was developed by a campsite operator family. It is easy to use and helps to automate the reservation and management processes. 

With, you can make your campsite bookable on your own website. You can also be bookable by PiNCAMP Online Booking on ADAC’s camping portal.


  • Modern, cloud-based solution
  • Enable online bookings on your homepage
    • 10-15% more online bookings by integration
    • 30-40% of all online bookings, less effort, more time for guests  
  • More positive customer reviews through automated emails
  • Supports complex price lists 
  • Interactive map to illustrate your campsite graphically
  • Own app store to integrate other services
  • 31-day free trial

Simple fee model

Fee Category


Setup fee

One-Time fee
99 €

Per pitch

3 €

Extra Features – optional

Bookability on own website
Online payment on own website
120 € / per year
60 € / per year
Technical fee for PiNCAMP booking channel
0 €

Exclusive ADAC benefit:

  • 20% discount in the first year booking through ADAC Camping
  • PiNCAMP booking channel integrated without any additional fee

Technical connection options at PiNCAMP Online Booking:

Channel Manager

PMS (Property Management System)

PiNCAMP Extranet

A channel manager gives the opportunity to transfer your prices and availability to multiple booking portals at the same time. Your data will either be transferred directly from your PMS or can be inserted in the channel manager’s extranet.
A PMS is software for managing pitches and mobile homes capacity at a campsite. We build direct interfaces for various PMS. This allows prices and bookings to be automatically transferred to us and to your PMS.
You enter your prices and availability every day through an administration page of PiNCAMP (Extranet).
  • Low effort
  • No synchronization problems
  • Not every channel manager currently has a connection to PiNCAMP
  • Depending on the PMS or Channel Manager provider, extra costs are incurred
  • No separate effort necessary
  • Depending on the PMS provider, extra costs are incurred
  • Simple solution, no technical systems necessary (PMS, channel manager)
  • Parallel maintenance of several systems necessary
  • Manual effort
20% discount in the first year and free technical connection to PiNCAMP.