Marketing packages | High-performance marketing packages:

ADAC Online has never been more relevant for campsites.

Through your presence on we guarantee you an excellent visibility on*. Gain even more attraction from potential guests through modern advertising formats with performance guarantee. 

Campsites with marketing packages receive 3.8 million actions taken by customers**. Starting at the PREMIUM package, we guarantee customers a
minimum of 1,000 actions. The PREMIUM PLUS package even guarantees 1,500

Our experience to date shows that campsites with a marketing package receive 16 times more profile page views than campsites without a marketing package.

Despite the constant growth of PiNCAMP, the prices for the marketing packages remain unchanged – starting now is especially smart.

* Source: Analysis of Searchmetrics Visibility Index from May 2019 to April 2020.
** Definition of Actions: Sum of clickouts, booking requests by e-mail and start of the booking process on PiNCAMP.
*** Definition of Guarantee: For each negative deviation from the guaranteed actions by 3%, you are entitled to a credit of 1% of the package price.