ADAC Camping Guide

Relaunch in 2021 with a large-scale marketing campaign

The ADAC Camping Guide, since many years the main guide for enthusiastic
campers and caravanners in Germany, will be renewed in 2021. A fresh layout
and new inspiring content will significantly improve the reader experience and
carefully modernise this classic guide.

The relaunch will be accompanied by an intensive PR and marketing campaign in German bookstores, on Amazon, on Facebook & Instagram, as well as in selected print and online media. Secure an eye-catching presence inside the new ADAC Camping Guide for the crucial year 2021.


  • 2021 relaunch: modern layout, improved reader experience
  • Intensive PR & marketing campaign for the relaunch
  • Annual publication
  • Circulation: 80,000 copies
  • 5,500 of the best campsites across Europe