Camping in Germany continues to boom – BVCD optimistic about the 2022 season

In 2021, German campsites reported 33 million overnight stays, according to the German Camping Industry Association (BVCD). (BVCD), German campsites reported 33 million overnight stays. This is around 3% less than in the previous year. The BVCD sees the pandemic-related travel bans and restrictions in the first half of the year as the cause in particular. In August 2021, on the other hand, a monthly record value was achieved with just under 9.5 million overnight stays.

The managing director of the BVCD, Christian Günther, expects a return to the good “pre-Corona” figures at German campsites in 2022. The prerequisite, he said, is that the policy realizes the opening steps and new accommodation bans are avoided. Christian Günther: “The camping trend continues unabated. The record overnight stays in August in conjunction with the high number of new registrations of recreational vehicles make it clear that camping continues to be attractive as a near-natural and safe form of vacation.”

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