High-performance marketing packages

ADAC Online has never been more
relevant for campsites. With your presence at PiNCAMP, we guarantee you excellent visibility on *. Get even more visibility with potential guests through modern advertising formats with guaranteed performance.

Our previous experience shows:
Campsites with a marketing package receive 16 times more profile visits than campsites without a marketing package

Prices for our marketing packages remain unchanged despite the continuous growth of PiNCAMP – starting now is especially smart.

* Source: Analysis of Searchmetrics Visibility Index from May 2019 to April 2020.

Marketing Packages:





PiNCAMP Online Booking 

Online Booking

Improved visibility through integration in search results by date

Very low booking commission





Your personal presentation on PiNCAMP

Unlimited number of images

Display of your ADAC classification (if available)

Display of your ADAC Campcard discounts (if participating)

No ads from other campsites on your own PiNCAMP profile

Featured link on your PiNCAMP profile to your homepage

Display of your telephone number and contact e-mail address

Your logo on your PiNCAMP profile

Access to your personal statistics

Receive booking requests

Detailed search engine optimized description of your campsite

Integration of your Youtube video and webcam link

Link to your homepage in your picture gallery

Higher visibility on PiNCAMP

Placement on destination and theme pages ahead of campsites of the BASIC package

Significant increase in profile views compared to BASIC

x 44 compared to Basic

Significant increase in profile views compared to Comfort or Premium

x 4 compared to Basic

x 2 compared to Premium

Significant increase in profile views compared to Comfort or Premium

Power Rotation | Rotation of your campsite on destination pages

One Facebook post, reach at least 10,000 contacts

Additional social media promotions, reach at least 10,000 contacts

Your campsite rotates as an ad on BASIC campsites

* COMFORT MINI: Discount for campsites with up to 80 tourist pitches and rental accommodation.

PiNCAMP Online Booking


PiNCAMP Online Booking

By offering direct bookability on PiNCAMP, you get more visibility and more guests for your campsite.

  • User behaviour: Users search available campsites by date
  • More visibility: PiNCAMP sorts bookable campsites ahead of non-bookable campsites
  • More reach: Bookable campsites are called more often
  • Better conversion:Users book on a familiar page
  • Easy connectivity: Extranet, various PMS connections, PMS, various channel manager connections
  • Attractive commission model:
    10% Standard commission
    8% Discounted commission for ADAC advertisers*