PiNCAMP Highlights

Show the beauty of your campsite

Strong images are exceedingly important for campers when deciding where to go on their next camping vacation. That’s exactly why we’ve developed a new format: “PiNCAMP Highlights”.
We focus 100% on exclusivity and the ultimate vacation feeling.

“PiNCAMP Highlights” presents a limited number of campsites with a large-size image and an engaging short description. The page reference inside the ADAC Camping Guide and the PiNCAMP website connect the reader to additional information.

“PiNCAMP Highlights” offers a limited number of campsites the chance to present themselves with a powerful image and a concise slogan.
More information can then be shown on additional pages in the ADAC Camping Guide and on

“PiNCAMP Highlights” is an eye-catching supplement in the ADAC Campingführer where you can show what a highlight your campsite really is!