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The ADAC Camping Guide is the undisputed market leader in bookstores. With “PiNCAMP Highlights”, we present a new, inspiring format that emotionally appeals to a modern target group. The ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzatlas is an indispensable companion for anyone travelling with caravans or motorhomes as well as camping.

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ADAC Campingführer

ADAC Campingführer

  The ADAC Campingführer is the standard work for everyone who loves camping. We present 5.500 campsites that we have personally inspected and gotten to know – that’s why our readers trust us and make us the market leader again every year.
ADAC Stellplatzführer

ADAC Stellplatzführer

The ADAC Stellplatzführer is the perfect medium to reach the rapidly growing target group of the motorhome onwer directly. Because we provide our readers with all the important information on over 6,700 motorhome sites in 37 European countries.
ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzführer

ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzatlas

With the ADAC Camping and Pitch Atlas, campers can find over 5,500 selected campsites and over 5,700 pitches in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Europe.

PiNCAMP Magazin Yes we camp!

Yes we camp! is the new camping magazine from ADAC. The mix of inspiration, travel tips and wanderlust is just right for camping professionals and also for people who want to take off on their camping vacation for the first time.

PiNCAMP Highlights

Strong images are exceedingly important for campers when deciding where to go on their next camping vacation. That’s exactly why we’ve developed a new format: “PiNCAMP Highlights”. We focus 100% on exclusivity and the ultimate vacation feeling.

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