Kicking off the 2021 camping season together

2021 is here!

The upcoming camping season is almost here. After a turbulent 2020, it is even more important this year to be well prepared for the new camping season. We are here to help you! As in previous years, we expect a great demand for campsites all over Europe on and
The checklist on ADAC Camping will help you prepare for the coming months and present yourself in the best light to potential guests.

Updating current images

We recommend:

  • Number of images: 10
  • Show an overview of the campsite (e.g. with an aerial photograph).
  • Show at least one example pitch (waterfront pitches are particularly popular) and, if available, at least one rental accommodation.
  • Show at least one photo of existing sanitary facilities.
  • Show, if available, the bathing possibilities at your campsite (e.g. indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, lake, sea).
  • Show a variety of recreational facilities and other offerings (e.g. restaurant/bar, supermarket, playground, sports field, entertainment program).
  • Upload high-quality photos only (resolution: at least 720 x 480 pixels).

> You received a link to our picture tool from your account manager. If you would like to receive the link again, please send us a message to or use ourcontact form.

Updating your information (opening times, features, services, etc.)

Campers do not just research campsite features and services on, but also opening times (especially during the currently very dynamic situation). Please be sure to enter your opening times and other information about your campsite.

> You can easily update your information yourself. To do so, simply log into with your login data. Alternatively, you can use our contact form.

Downloading and inserting ADAC icons

Has your campsite been rated by the ADAC? Are you participating in the ADAC Campcard Program? Do you want to encourage more guests to rate your campsite on PiNCAMP? Or do you belong to the most popular campsites in your region?

Show it to your website visitors by inserting the official ADAC icons on your website! We also recommend linking the icon directly to your profile on PiNCAMP.

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Participation in the ADAC Campcard Program

Are you familiar with the ADAC Campcard? It is the leading benefit program for campers, giving ADAC Campcard holders attractive discounts on campsite and pitches all over Europe. Campsites with Campcard offers are more popular among campers. You too can benefit from the ADAC Campcard and generate more bookings in the low season!

Participation in this benefit program is completely free of charge for campsites and pitches.

While other benefit programs dictate rigid pricing structures, the ADAC Campcard gives you full freedom over your prices and benefits.

Find out more about the ADAC Campcard and register your campsite for free.

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Participation in PiNCAMP Online Booking

More and more campers look for campsites on PiNCAMP that can be booked online for specific dates. For these specific searches, campsites that work with PiNCAMP Online Booking will be displayed more prominently. With PiNCAMP Online Booking, we offer you a simple yet powerful system to make your campsite bookable online for German and Swiss campers.

Get more information about the technical requirements, pricing model and the necessary steps to start with PiNCAMP Online Booking.

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Entering and/or updating 2021 availabilities

We are already receiving the first bookings for the upcoming season on PiNCAMP. Don’t miss the chance to generate more bookings for your campsite!

Thanks to our new search function, campers can now specify a specific travel period in their search and campsites that entered their availabilities will be shown higher here.

> Please use your channel manager or PMS system to update your availabilities. You can find an overview of the connection points here.

Adjusting cancellation policies

Especially during the current situation, flexible cancellation policies are essential to most campers. For this reason, it is very important to us to assist them with maximum availability of pitches and flexible cancellation policies.

Currently, we are surveying campground interest and openness to participate in flexible Corona cancellation policies in order to implement new features on PiNCAMP that will increase visibility and reservations for your campground.

Click on the link below for more information on how to participate.

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Increasing visibility through marketing packages and special advertising forms

Never before has ADAC online been more relevant for campsites. Increase the visibility of your campsite with modern advertising formats and guaranteed performance.

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