ADAC Campcard 

Free participation, convincing advantages

Flexible individual price advantages: The ADAC Campcard offers freedom in contrast to rigid discount systems. Free participation for camp sites – without annual commitments or compulsory subscriptions.

The use of the ADAC Campcard makes it possible to increase bookings in both the high and low season by offering attractive discounts. More than 2,000 campsites and mobile home parks in 36 European countries already rely on the performance of the ADAC Campcard.

Our special Campcard filter on and in the app will also increase the visibility of your campsite.

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Step-by-step instructions for participating in the Campcard

To join the Campcard programme and enjoy full flexibility and visibility for your campsite,
we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you:

Contact support at to register your participation in the Campcard programme.

Once you have registered, you will receive the MyCampsite form. This form is essential for your participation and allows you to enter all relevant information.

Fill in the MyCampsite form carefully. You will be able to specify the discount levels you want and enter all the necessary information about your campsite.

Additional services that are not included in the pitch price can be discounted by the same percentage. It is not intended to publish these additional discounts in the ADAC Camping | PiNCAMP products.

Enter the discount levels you require in the form. Choose from the available discount levels (15%, 20%, 25%, 35%, 50%) the one that best suits your offer.

Once you have completed the form, return it to the address provided. Make sure that all information is correct and complete to ensure smooth participation.

Once you have sent the form, you have successfully registered for Campcard. You will then be informed about the next steps and you can start to benefit from the advantages.

Participation for campsites

To participate in the ADAC Campcard, you must specify the amount of the discount for campers with the ADAC Campcard and the period for which the discount is to apply:

  • Participation in the ADAC Campcard system is free of charge
  • The following discount levels are available: 15%, 20%, 25%, 35%, 50%
  • The offer is valid either for pitches or for self-catering rental accommodation or for both
  • Important: Campsites can choose a separate discount level for each offer period
  • A discount of at least 50 days per season is obligatory, spread over a maximum of 4 freely selectable offer periods per calendar year

The higher the discount you choose, the more attractive your campsite will be for price-sensitive campers. Optionally, you can offer further incentives: Children up to and including six years and/or dogs stay free of charge.

Participation for motorhomes

As a motorhome campsite, you have even more flexibility in choosing your discounts. You can offer ADAC Campcard guests at least one of the following discounts on at least 50 days per calendar year to benefit from the advantages of the ADAC Campcard:

  • Minimum 15% discount on overnight price including all persons
  • The following discount levels are available: 15%, 20%, 25%, 35%, 50%.
  • Children up to and including 6 years stay free of charge
  • Dogs stay free of charge
  • Important: You have the possibility to offer other individual customer benefits

The 50 days can be divided into a maximum of four periods, but the benefits granted will always be the same. The benefits offered are granted from the first night.

ADAC Campcard – questions and answers:

You can download the ADAC Campcard General Terms and Conditions for campsites and pitches here.

You need to grant at least a 15% discount on your standard price in the respective season. The higher the discount, the more attractive you will become for price-sensitive campers and the more bookings you will receive. Please ensure that your ADAC Campcard discounts are competitive and in line with other discounts that you offer next to the ADAC Campcard.
The discount is granted on your usual camping prices. If you charge a pitch price that includes more than one person, the percentage discount applies to the entire package. The discount will also apply in the same amount to (additional) person and child prices, if they are not already included in the pitch price. Additional services that exceed the stand price and are not included can optionally be discounted by the same percentage. It is not intended for these additional discounts to be published in the ADAC Camping | PiNCAMP products.

2024: You need to give a discount of 15% or more for at least 50 days per calendar year. The 50 days can be split into a maximum of four periods and the discount may vary for each period.

If you select “Dogs stay overnight for free” as an additional discount option for the ADAC Campcard, the discount will be granted for all dogs of the guest, but only during the ADAC Campcard discount periods that you defined.
If you select “Children up to and including six years of age stay for free” as an additional discount option for the ADAC Campcard, the discount will be granted for all of the guest´s kids in that age group, but only during the ADAC Campcard discount periods that you defined. The children must still be six years old on the day of arrival.
The ADAC Campcard offers two important advantages: Participation is completely free of charge for campsites and you as the campsite owner determine the discount yourself (we do not set fixed prices).
On PiNCAMP, campers can filter for campsites that participate in the ADAC Campcard. Price-sensitive campers use this function often and prefer to view campsites that work with the ADAC Campcard. 
Campsites that accept the ADAC Campcard stand out prominently in the ADAC Campingführer with a distinctly designed Campcard logo.
Around 2,000 camping and motorhome sites in 36 European countries are taking advantage of the ADAC Campcard.
The ADAC Campcard is an integral part of the ADAC Campingführer (print market leader) and the ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzführer App (market leader in Europe within camping Apps).
Unfortunately, that’s not possible. When the visitor makes a booking at your campsite through PiNCAMP, the booking will be made at the standard seasonal price. You as a campsite must ensure that the visitor is credited with the indicated discount when settling the bill on site.
  • All holders of a valid ADAC Campcard (print/digital) can take advantage of the benefits.
  • The ADAC Campcard must be stated at the time of booking and presented at the beginning of the stay.
  • The analogue ADAC Campcard is only valid with full name and signature on the back.
  • The digital ADAC Campcard of the ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzapp requires full name details. It is not transferable and is valid for one calendar year (including January of the following year).

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