ADAC classification criteria

What is the ADAC Classification?

The ADAC Classification is a rating of the overall campsite standard and can be awarded in full or half stars. The classification is based on results in five different performance areas, which are divided into ten individual categories. The performance areas are: sanitary facilities, site, campsite stores, recreational offering and swimming opportunities.

The weighting of the performance criteria

Not all criteria are equally important to campers. That´s why the different campsite characteristics weigh differently on the ADAC Classification.

Rating sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities are the main selection criterion for campers and are the most important aspect of the campsite infrastructure. That´s why they have the highest influence on the ADAC Classification.

Requirements per 100 pitches* to achieve the highest rating:

  • 9 washbasins with hot water
  • 3 individual washing cubicles with hot water
  • 10 shower cubicles with hot water
  • 7 women’s toilets
  • 6 men’s toilets or urinals
  • 1 wash basin or 1 washing machine
  • 1 sink
  • 1 spout for cassette toilets

We use the following weighting: Pitches for tourists = 100%. Pitches for permanent campers without own sanitary facilities = 60%. Rental accommodation without own sanitary facilities 100%.

Requirements for structure, design and equipment of sanitary buildings to achieve the highest rating:

  • Solid building in masonry, concrete or wood (no sanitary container)
  • Architecturally appealing construction and attractive exterior design
  • High-quality construction and installation materials
  • Separate areas for women and men
  • Spatial separation of the toilet areas from other sanitary facilities
  • Sufficient aeration and ventilation
  • Adequate lighting (each installation has individual lighting)
  • Flush-mounted installation of all pipes and lines
  • Suitable floor slope in wet rooms for optimal water drainage
  • Partition walls for toilets and showers are closed at the bottom
  • Adequate tiling of walls: minimum height of showers = 2m, for toilets and washbasins = 1.50 m. Instead of tiles, other high-quality materials (e.g. natural stone) can also be used.
  • All cubicles are lockable from the inside
  • Sufficient passage widths, especially for cubicle doors that open outwards
  • Sufficient amount of waste containers
  • Minimum distance from washbasin center to washbasin center = 1m.
  • For washbasins with side partitions, minimum distance from partition to partition = 1m.
  • Single wash cabins and showers: Minimum area of 1.80 sqm; minimum width of 90 cm.
  • Toilets: minimum area of 1.60 sqm, minimum width = 90 cm. Minimum distance from the toilet to the cabin door = 65 cm.
  • Washbasins and wash cabins: each with a mirror and a power socket
  • Showers: vestibule with seating, separated from the shower area by a splashback wall
  • Washbasins, wash cabins and showers: sufficient storage space and equipped with coat hooks
  • Toilets: equipped with seats, toilet paper, toilet brush and coat hooks
  • Hand basins at toilets: have sufficient soap dispensers as well as towels or electric hand dryers.
  • Urinals have with privacy screens

Rating the campsite stores

Food, drink and other offerings on the campsite are usually available at larger facilities and are a useful luxury for many guests, saving them extra trips and allowing for a little extra relaxation time.

Kiosk / Grocery / Supermarket

  • Only the best shopping facility is rated
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets are additionally classified into one of the following three categories, depending on the range of products and store ambience:
  1. Limited offering
  2. Standard offering
  3. Good offering

Camping and leisure items

Camping and leisure items are also divided into the following categories:

  1. Limited offering
  2. Standard offering
  3. Good offering
  • the highest rating is awarded to campsites with one supermarket with a good offering and a camping and leisure items store with a good offering

Snack Bar / Restaurant

  • Restaurants are rated in three levels:
  1. Simple
  2. Good
  3. Exceptionally good
  • only the best gastronomic offering is rated – if a campsite has a snack bar and a restaurant, this will not be taken into account, but it will be included in the pictogram bar.
  • the gastronomic offer should be open on at least six days per week during the main season
  • the highest rating is awarded to campsites with one exceptionally good restaurant

Rating the recreational offering

The recreational offering is divided into two subcategories: permanent facilities at the campsite and animation programs. They are particularly important to families with children.

  • Total area of all children’s playgrounds (outdoors, indoors, as water playground and adventure playground) in relation to the number of pitches – maximum rating starts from 5 sqm of playground per pitch
  • Number and variety of playground equipment in relation to campsite and playground size – maximum rating for a large campsite with 14 or more different play facilities
  • Quality, maintenance and cleanliness of the individual devices and the entire playground. A five-level evaluation and maximum rating is only given if the best level is reached.
  • Tennis court
  • Sports field
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Archery
  • Mini golf
  • Golf course
  • Facilities for boaters (jetty, slipway, boat crane, boat rental)
  • Facilities for horseback riders (riding stable, pony rides, guided rides, riding school, horse boarding)
  • Facilities for skiers (cross-country skiing trail and ski lift near the campsite (possibly with ski bus service), ski drying room)
  • Bicycle rental
  • Sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Jacuzzi
  • Solarium
  • Fitness room
  • Beauty salon
  • Massage possibility
  • Children’s program for children up to 12 years including mini-club
  • Sports program
  • Entertainment program


For a maximum rating, there should be a campsite animation program for at least 4 weeks in each of the three categories, on at least 6 days a week during the main season. In total, there should be at least 50 hours of animation program per week.

Rating the swimming opportunities

For many German campers, swimming is an important part of their vacation. Not only lakes and beaches enjoy great popularity, but swimming pools too are very attractive for campers.

Only waters that are located directly at the campsite and that can be reached from the pitches without crossing a public road are evaluated. The rating is made up of the quantity (area) of the beach and the quality (condition and facilities).

  • Total beach area in relation to the number of pitches – maximum rating from 25 sqm per pitch.
  • Condition of the beach – condition of the ground (fine sand or big stones) and transition into the water (flat or steep)
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas
  • Lifeguard
  • Cleanliness

Outdoor pools, indoor pools, children’s pools and paddling pools are rated. Here, too, the rating is made up of the quantity (surface area) of the pools and the quality (architectural design, maintenance and cleanliness):

Water surface in relation to the number of pitches – maximum evaluation from 2.5 sqm per pitch

  • Use of high-quality building materials for the pool walls
  • Swimming pool edges with non-slip covering
  • Architecturally attractive design
  • In the indoor swimming pool additional changing rooms, lockers, showers, toilets and a sufficient number of deckchairs
  • In the outdoor pool additionally foot disinfection pool, sufficiently large meadow with an appropriate number of deckchairs as well as nearby showers and toilets
  • Walls and floors are undamaged
  • Deck chairs and playground equipment are in perfect condition
  • Fences and other demarcations are in perfect condition
  • Clean pool walls and floors
  • Water is free from dirt and algae deposits
  • Foot disinfection pools with running water
  • Clean changing rooms and sanitary facilities