Motorhome Site Data FAQ

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions on the topics “Updating your campsite data” and “Processing the online questionnaire”

Updating your motorhome site data for ADAC channels

The information about your motorhome site will be published in the ADAC Camping Media, including the ADAC Camping App and the ADAC Motorhome Site Guide.

The service is free of charge for you.

Yes. If there have been no changes to your motorhome site data, we offer a quick and easy solution for you. Simply use the option “Copy data from 2020 to 2021” in the various tabs and the questionnaire will be filled in accordingly.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the annual ADAC campsite and motorhome site inspection unfortunately had to be cancelled. In order for you to inform us about any important changes to your site (e.g. new sanitary buildings), we added a new text field into the questionnaire where you can write about your updates. This information will not lead to a change in your ADAC star rating, but it will be published in the ADAC camping media and noted for upcoming inspection.

Processing the online questionnaire

Every summer, we send the questionnaire to all motorhome sites in Europe. The information you send to us via this form is stored in our database. If you already find information in your questionnaire, it comes from last year’s survey.

The questionnaire will be shown in the language that you selected for preferred communication. If you want to change the language, you can do so in the “Basic information” tab under contact details. Select a different language, press “Enter” on your keyboard and the language of the questionnaire will be changed accordingly.

Tabs with errors in the data are marked in red and contain an explanation of the error. If you get such a notification, please check the spelling, punctuation or logical inconsistencies in your entries. As soon as the data is corrected, the red marking and explanation will disappear.

You can’t change facilities and services on your own that impact your ADAC classification. If you want to inform us about important changes to your motorhome site, please use the “Comments” field under the “Basic information” tab. After a check, we will make the change(s) directly in the system.

In order to edit information about dogs on your motorhome site, you need to make a selection under “Dogs” inside the “Basic information” tab. If dogs are allowed on your campsite, you can edit that information afterwards.

Your data is automatically being saved every 10 seconds, but you will not be actively notified about this saving. You can close the window anytime and log in again later. No entries will be lost.

If the “Send form” button cannot be clicked, some tabs contain incorrect information or there might be important details missing. Please check your entries in the tabs that are highlighted in red and edit your data according to the instructions. As soon as the data is corrected and you press “Enter”, the explanation and red marking will disappear and the button “Send form” will be clickable.

We only send the e-mail asking for a data update to campsites that haven’t filled in the questionnaire yet. Please open the questionnaire, complete it with your current data and send it back to us by the given deadline. It is the only way to ensure that our channels always have the correct data on your campsite.

After submitting the questionnaire to us, it will be temporary blocked while we review your information and transfer it to our system. After this transfer you will receive an e-mail informing you that everything worked successfully. You can then reopen the online questionnaire and make more changes.

Inside the online questionnaire there is a link in the “ADAC Campcard” tab with more information about the new system of the 2021 Campcard

If you have any more questions, you can always contact our data team via email: We will take care of your request as quickly as possible.