ADAC Camping Products and Pricing 2021

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Online Booking

Pick up German campers where they book their camping holiday: At PiNCAMP.

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ADAC Campcard

The discount system for campers.

Free added value: Get shown 35% more often
as a Campcard-Partner.

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Modern and trustworthy. The online platform for success measurable success.

Our partnership with TCS for Swiss campers, also available in Italian and French.

ADAC Camping- & Stellplatzführer App

The best-selling camping app in the European Apple and Google App Stores.

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ADAC Camping Guide

Relaunch of the classic guide in 2021 with an intensive marketing campaign.

ADAC Pitch Guide

The perfect channel for the growing campervan market.

PiNCAMP Highlights

Limited edition, exclusive visibility: The Picture-Guide inside the ADAC Camping Guide.

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