ADAC Camping Products and Pricing 2021

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Expertise, trust, innovation

Online Booking

Pick up German campers where they book their camping holiday: At PiNCAMP.

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ADAC Campcard

The discount system for campers.
Free added value: Get shown 35% more often
as a Campcard-Partner.

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Modern and trustworthy. The online platform for success measurable success.

Our partnership with TCS for Swiss campers, also available in Italian and French.

ADAC Camping- & Stellplatzführer App

The best-selling camping app in the European Apple and Google App Stores.

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ADAC Camping Guide

Relaunch of the classic guide in 2021 with an intensive marketing campaign.

ADAC Pitch Guide (Stellplatzführer)

The continuation of the success story as a perfect companion to the Camping Guide.

PiNCAMP Highlights

Limited edition, exclusive visibility: The Picture-Guide inside the ADAC Camping Guide.

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